EA Ireland

T-4 Capacity Auction Provisional Results

EirGrid and SONI published results for the latest Capacity Auction, held in January 2021 for delivery over the course of October 2024 to September 2025. The Auction Clearing Price is 47,820 €/MW per year or 44,185.68 £/MW per year. Successful de-rated capacity in the auction amounts to 6,168 MW. The total cost of procuring this capacity for 2023/2024 is €314m or £290m. All auction required quantities were satisfied except for Ireland, hence a capacity deficit for 2024/25 of 31 MW remains which will be addressed in future capacity auctions.  

130 units, 7,437 MW of de-rated capacity, in total qualified to participate in the auction. 105 units were either fully or partially successful in the auction. 12 units were awarded 10-year contracts. Over the course of the 7 T-4 auctions to date, we have seen a gradual decrease in the contribution of existing plant to capacity adequacy. Of the new capacity awarded, gas accounts for 274 MW, demand side units account for 239 MW, wind for 2.6 MW and battery storage accounts for 42.5 MW.