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Ireland’s Renewable Electricity Generation surpasses 40%

Recently published data by the SEAI shows total electricity generation from renewable sources, both combustible renewables and non-combustible, for 2020 reached 40.23%. We await SEAI data on gross final energy consumption (GFC), where the renewable energy target for GFC of electricity for 2020 was 40%.

The EPA and the SEAI jointly published analysis of GHG emissions for 2020 for which the energy industry saw a drop of 14% compared to 2019. They estimate the sector emitted 1.3 Mt CO2eq less than in 2019. The analysis largely attributes this trend in emissions reductions for the energy sector to the declining levels of peat and coal in electricity production and increasing levels of renewable generation and less from the impact of Covid-19.

They also found electricity demand in 2020 was very similar to demand in 2019 as reductions in demand during the two lockdowns of 2020 were offset by higher demand at other times throughout the year.