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Ireland meets 2020 RES-E targets

Earlier this week, EirGrid announced that renewable generation accounted for 43% of electricity consumption in Ireland last year, an increase of 7% from 2019, implying Ireland met its national RES-E target of 40%. Gas made up 50% of power generation in 2020, down from 52% in 2019. Most of the renewable generation came from wind, with small amounts of hydro, bioenergy, ocean energy, and renewable combined heat and power (CHP) also contributing. EirGrid also announced they will begin a trial to operate the grid with SNSP limits of 75% in the coming months.

Also this week, the EPA published preliminary analysis of Ireland’s 2020 GHG emissions, associated with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), that show emissions in the electricity generation sector fell by 8.4% due to increased levels of renewable generation and reduced levels of fossil fuel generation.