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Greater urgency is needed to incentivise and decarbonise Ireland’s electricity market

With continuously expanding electricity demand and further system alerts in prospect, Ireland is in jeopardy of not meeting its climate targets. As a matter of urgency, we need an electricity market, that attracts the investment needed to provide security of supply and decarbonise the existing power generation fleet in this country. There are a wide range of factors influencing these matters. By taking on-board industry feedbackthe Single Electricity Market Committee (SEMC) can improve the reliability of Ireland’s existing power system, while also sending positive signals to potential new investors. The electricity sector is up for this challenge, but we need sustained, regular and meaningful engagement with regulators and the government to develop a shared vision for how the electricity system can transition over the coming decades and completely phase out fossil fuel usage by 2050.

Electricity Association of Ireland – Article – Business Post 12022024