EA Ireland

How are Suppliers Tackling High Prices?

  • Energy suppliers issued the Government €600 credit to all customers in three tranches to help with bills – first tranche in November. This has significantly reduced the burden of the high prices currently being felt.
  • Working with the SEAI and Government departments, suppliers assisted in implementing the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme, allowing businesses to receive up to 40% of the difference in the price of their bills from this time last year (provided their unit price increased by 150%).
  • In a bid to assist customers in repaying high bills, suppliers have extended the timeline to 24 months for repayment.
  • As of October 1st, 2022: Where a PAYG meter or budget controller is, or will be, installed for a customer who has outstanding debt, suppliers must ensure that up to a maximum of 10% of a single customer vend can be attributed to debt recovery. This is to apply to all domestic PAYG customers. This is a reduction of 15% in the debt recovery per vend.
  • As of December 1st, 2022: Suppliers were required to ensure that all customers with a financial hardship meter are automatically placed on the most economic tariff. This includes a tariff that might otherwise only be available to, for example, a new customer or a customer as a retention offer. The customer in financial hardship must be placed on whichever tariff is the cheapest.
  • Supporting these measures, suppliers have also established hardship funds which seek to support customers who are struggling with paying their energy bills. Opting to forego profit in order to assist customers that are struggling, committing to assist those most in need without Government intervention and blanket measures.