EA Ireland

How are Suppliers Preventing Disconnections?

  • Even prior to the current crises, suppliers never disconnect an engaged customer under the Energy Engage Code. Encouraging customer who are struggling to contact their support teams and ensure that debt is being actively managed.
  • The Christmas moratorium on disconnections for all domestic customers (for non-payment of account) is from 1 December 2022 – 28 February 2023. Whilst there is always a moratorium on disconnections around Christmas in Ireland, this moratorium was extended significantly longer than usual to encompass the higher energy bills expected around the winter months.
  • Regarding Pre Payment meters, which self-disconnect at €0 credit, there was the introduction of €20 emergency credit. Having looked at other options, extending the emergency credit was the scenario of best fit in reducing the risk of customers amassing debt as well as mitigating the risk of customers disengaging.
  • A moratorium on disconnections of pre-payment meters is not feasible due to the meter capabilities.
  • Medically vulnerable customers are flagged with ESB Networks to ensure that these customers are never disconnected without an agreement between the customer and the supplier.