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The Missing Piece

Industry Experts Tackle “The Missing Piece” in the Energy Transition

Experts from industry and policy tackle “The Missing Piece” in the Energy Transition

Eurelectric Digital Event – 19 October 2021, 11:00-12:00 CET

Cost-effective decarbonisation of the energy industry and every business it supports is unthinkable without distribution grids. These key assets face a challenge that will only increase as Europe develops a power system with more decentralised producers and millions of new users.

If networks are going to keep up with the pace of growth their modernisation and digitalisation will be absolutely crucial. To help us explore how network tariffs will play a role in this process we have assembled a panel from across regulators and policymakers, established businesses and energy start-ups.

Make sure you hear what they have to say how to design the network tariffs that offer the right price signals that support consumers, producers, and operators engage in the energy transition.

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