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EAI Response to SEAI Renewable Electricity Corporate Power Purchase Agreements Consultation

The EAI welcomes the opportunity to respond to this SEAI consultation on policy options which could increase the uptake of CPPAs and contribute 15% of Ireland’s target to derive 70% of total electricity consumption from renewable energy sources by 2030. The European Power Sector is fully committed to leading the delivery of a climate neutral economy and supports Ireland’s objective for a 51% emission reduction by 2030.

To meet these objectives the pace of renewable energy deployment must at least double over the next decade. An accelerated decarbonisation objective comes with higher investment needs. Investors need clear and reliable long-term signals to allocate funds to such capitalintensive projects. A well-functioning power market and efficient carbon pricing are key tools to deliver the necessary investment signals in a technology-neutral way. It is important that these signals are complemented by specific routes to market for renewable generators such as RESS or CPPAs.

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