EA Ireland

EAI Response to Consultation by DECC Re: ORESS 2

EAI welcomes the opportunity to respond to the consultation on Offshore Wind – Phase Two Consultation

on the 9th of March 2022. the EAI submitted a response to the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications on the Phase Two Consultation on Offshore Wind. In the submission, EAI comments that Ireland should aim to maximise offshore build out for 2030 and should therefore seek to identify and prioritise projects that can be operational in that timeframe. Examples on how this on how this can be achieved are detailed in the submission.

It is noted that EAI remains concerned that the trajectory of progress to date will struggle to see offshore wind operating at scale in 2030. Recent geopolitical events highlight the importance of rapid progress in reducing fossil fuel use and increased renewables. The submission comments on consolation topics individually including; the Phase 2 Process Options, the significance of the Shaping Our Electricity Future” document, Hybrid connections and the Innovation Category.

Read the submission in full using the download button below.