EA Ireland

Customer Protection Measures 2022/2023

As domestic electricity prices rose steadily due to the spike in wholesale gas prices, a suite of customer protections were introduced this winter.

Here are some of the measures that EAI members have implemented!

  • The Christmas moratorium on disconnections for all domestic customers (for non-payment of account) is from 1 December 2022 – 31 March 2023
  • VAT reduction from 13.5% to 9% from 1st May 2022
  • Extended moratorium for Vulnerable Customers from 1 October – 31 March
  • Agreement under the Energy Engage Code not to disconnect an engaging customer.
  • There was an increase in emergency credit on PAYG meters of €20.
  • Financial hardship funds and other initiatives to support customers over the winter period.
  • Debt recovery reduction on budget controller meters to 10%. This is a reduction of 15% in the debt recovery per vend.
  • Increased training and recruitment of customer support staff to assist with high call volumes.
  • Energy suppliers applied (4*€200) credit to all customers in four tranches to help with bills. This has significantly reduced the burden of the high prices currently being felt.
  • Customer information campaigns to drive customer awareness on energy efficiency and behavioural change.
  • Extended debt repayment plans of a minimum of 24 months.
  • Suppliers have collaborated with ESBN’s “Beat the Peak” campaign.
  • Implemented Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme, allowing businesses to receive up to 40% of the difference in the price of their bills from this time last year.
  • Delivering energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Advising prepayment customers in debt, of other payment options available to them and making this  information available on supplier websites.
  • Windfall profits gathered in the price cap to be taken to assist customers directly (currently being finalised).