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Bord na Móna Peatland Rehabilitation

Bord Na Móna – Peatland Rehabilitation

originally published in our Industry Update newsletter on the 25th of February 2022.

At the beginning of the month, Bord na Móna marked World Wetlands Day by announcing the rehabilitation of nearly 5,200ha (12,800acres) of peatlands in the last year. Securing 7.5million tonnes of carbon within the remaining peat in these bogs. This addition now brings the total amount of peatlands that have been rehabilitated to over 25,000 hectares.

This achievement was due to an extensive rehabilitation scheme which started in 2021. Funded by €108 million of Government and European funding and €18 million from Bord na Móna itself.

As Ireland aims for net zero carbon emissions by 2050 the rehabilitation of peatland areas offer huge potential for helping Ireland meet reduction targets. The carbon emission mitigation benefits and environmental co-benefits associated with the re-wetting of peatland are largely recognised by the Irish government.

Peatlands punch above their weight in befits to the environment. Despite the World’s known peatlands only covering approximately 3% of our land surface, peatlands store more than twice as much carbon as the World’s standing forests. Reviving peatlands natural capability to capture carbon is a significant step in meeting climate action targets as well as offering rich native habitats supporting Ireland’s natural biodiversity.