EA Ireland

Who We Are

The Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI) is the representative body for the electricity industry and gas retail sector operating within the Single Electricity Market (SEM) on the Island of Ireland.

We are an all-island organisation that provides a source of expert advice on industry matters and that works to enhance the industry’s reputation. We believe that electricity has a fundamental role in providing energy services in a decarbonised, sustainable future, in particular through the progressive electrification of transport and heating. We believe that this can be achieved, in the overall interest of society, through competitive markets that foster investment and innovation.

EAI was established in 2008 and since then our membership and activity has continued to grow. Our membership comprises utilities that represent 90% of generation and retail business activities and 100% of distribution within the market. Our members range in size from single plant operators and independent suppliers to international power utilities. On the generation side, our members own over 82% of all renewable assets on the island and 100% of thermal assets. Member representatives have the opportunity to sit on three EAI committees; Markets, Policy and Retail, and on the working groups established to deliver the key policy objectives of these Committees.